I’m just waiting for Big Bang to pull a Beyonce on the kpop fandom

No warning.

No promotion.

Just an album drops.

And at least 5 music videos.


I am tired of Jiyong fucking up! Get yourself together. He knew that picture will make drama. It’s like he wants trouble on his back!

the only trouble on his neck are those useless hypocritical stupid ass netizens who have no life, and some stupid VIPs who’re actually believing this shit ! next time he’ll post sth about the song Bang Bang and they’ll accuse him of killing someone and demand he’ll be escorted to court, i REALLY won’t be surprised if that happened !

i wanna talk to you guys on whatsapp but it’s gone mad idk why, i can only see your comments but can’t reply -_____-




Strikes all Korea music charts with their debut album!
WINNER’s now and future

— Can you first introduce yourself?

Seungyoon: We are YG’s rookie group, WINNER. We are working really hard so please support us.

All: Please support us!

—- I supposed there are a lot of people don’t know WINNER very well yet. Please tell us about your charms.

Seungyoon: I’m Seungyoon, the leader of our team. I think my voice is very powerful. And my smile is also a part of my charms (laughs) Please support us (laughs)

Taehyun: I’m not good at complimenting myself… But I think my hairstyle and eyebrows are very impressive. Somehow I guess I have some charms which will let girls want to be with me. This is embarrassing (laughs)

Jinwoo: I have big eyes which can let people to recognize me easily. Sometimes here, sometimes there, I have way too many charms which makes it difficult to pick. Sorry (laughs)

Minho: I’m pretty charismatic when I’m on the stage. But when I get down from it, I will become the warmest person on the world (laughs) Thank you.

Seunghoon: Jiwoo said that he has big eyes which makes him easy to be recognized, so I think I’m hard to be recognized since my eyes are small. But this doesn’t mean my heart is small too. And I think I’m innocent in someway. Although that’s not something that everyone will like about, I guess there are lots of Japanese people are in to that so I’m gonna appeal that.

— Tell us your thoughts about your debut album “2014 S/S” getting great comments in Korea.

Seunghoon: Actually we didn’t think we can get the 1st place so we were really shocked. Really grateful to the fans.

—- Did you gain more pressure because of that?

Seungyoon: Yes. We did.

—- Did you celebrate together?

Seungyoon: We didn’t have time to throw a party, but we said “congrats” to each other. There was no time for us so we didn’t cry either.

—- I supposed there must be lots of people sent you messages when you got the 1st place in Korea. Please tell us the most memorable one.

Seunghoon: Although there was lots of people who hadn’t been staying in touch sent me messages, the most memorable ones still go to the staffs who always stay by us. Because they are the ones who went through the hard time with us, “You really have done a great job to make this. Let’s go together in the future no matter what happens” , which was said by them, strongly stung in my heart.

—- We have heard that Seungyoon captured the picture of your songs ranking highly on Korean music charts and sent it to his mother. How about the other members?

Minho: I did the same thing too. Because the charts refresh every hour, I kept clicking on the refresh button. Of course we will really happy for this, but our parents must be more happier than us. I heard my mom has cried a lot. Also I couldn’t meet them due to my compacted schedule, so when I heard they went celebrating without me, I felt my stomach ached a little (laughs)

Jinwoo: When I went back to my home island, I said to my father, “Instead of sadness, you will cry because of joyfulness from now on.” When my mother told me my father cried because of my words, I felt what I have went through all worth it.

Taehyun: I captured the screen which showed our every song is on the chart, and set that as my screensaver. I didn’t check the chart again after that (laughs) I want to keep the joyful of that moment forever.

—- You have went through a lot during the survival program “WIN: Who Is Next”, you were Team A at that time, and competed with Team B. Do you have any unforgettable memory from that era?

Seungyoon: I couldn’t even dance at the very beginning, so dance practice was the hardest thing for me. I cried a lot too. But I think being a singer, that’s the most important… Ah not the most (laughs) yet still a necessary part. I practiced it a lot.

—- Did your members teach or help you about the dance?

Seungyoon: Seunghoon is the best dancer among us, he is the choreographer. But it was too late when he met me as a trainee, so there wasn’t a chance to have him teach me.

Taehyun: When I was a trainee, I was a very complex person, didn’t confident with myself. But after the program started, I received lots of power from the fans, which made me overcame all of the difficulties. I’m veeeeeeery good now!!! (laughs)

Jinwoo: Every time I saw another trainee being kicked out I hurt really bad inside. I think the reason we could make it today, it’s all because of every member got their certain position and we trust in each other.

Minho: it was really exhausted every day. Completely (laughs) But we won at the end so it’s a really happy memory for me.

Seunghoon: When the program just started, we entered the practice room as usual. And someone told us “There will be a new program which named WIN starts from now. You will be parted as 2 teams and compete to each other. The winner will only be 1 team.” We had a feeling of inferiority to Team B because we kept loosing on them.

—- Did you have a feeling like, “the reason we could overcame it’s all because of this member”?

Seunghoon: Because our mental was not feeling so good, we attended the training camp of marine and trained our ability of teamwork. And another thing I remember really clearly is that while we kept loosing, CEO said “Do your best” to us. Just one phrase, no more (laughs). We decorated that card in our living room. We don’t have a TV so we used that instead (laughs). Although it’s really simple, to us, it’s our energy for now. We watch it when we get back and also do the same when we get up.

Japan debut album “2014 S/S -Japan Collection-“
—- Please tell us your thoughts due to your Japan debut getting closer.

Seungyoon: We will work really hard for our awaited debut.

—- Are you nervous?

Taehyun: My heart beats so fast!

Minho: Yes, mine too

Seunghoon: This is the first time we see so much reporters so we are really nervous.

—- Then I want to ask about your Japan debut album “2014 S/S -Japan Collection-“. First of all, please tell us about the highlights of the album.

Seungyoon: We have sung out stories from our true hearts. Every song from this album was made by this.

—- I heard there are dozens of songs were candidates. Who did the final decision of picking the songs for your album?

Seungyoon: We have made a lot of songs during the past 10 months. Every member made at least 20 songs, and we picked 30~40 songs by ourselves, finally let the CEO to make the decision.

—- Team B’s Bobby and B.I also attend the making of Empty. Please tell us the story of that.

Seungyoon: They let me listen to the song at the studio, while the CEO also heard it coincidentally. CEO thought it was really fit WINNER’s style and color. So CEO asked them if can let WINNER to sing this song. They happily gave us the song in the end.


—- Do you have any interesting stories from when you were recording?

Taehyun: When I was in the recording booth suddenly a woman entered the room. The first thing I did was to greet her, but she was not a person that the staff knew. At that time we all just stared at each other unable to say anything. Then that woman spoke and said “I’m a ghost, so don’t mind me and continue with what you’re doing”. This actually happened okay, it’s a true story! Later we found out that it was actually a fan that had dressed up, but we were really surprised! (lol)

—- Did the recording go well after that?

Taehyun: We encountered another ghost while recording in Korea. It was said that if you could capture the ghost’s voice in the recording then the album will become a big hit. Maybe thanks to that the album was able to become so successful. (lol)

In the final stage of the album when we were listening to the mastered version of “TONIGHT” and we noticed that there was a recorded message in the middle of the song. I’m curious to see if all of you can find it.

—- While you were recording in Japanese, was there anything in particular that you found difficult?

Seungyoon: The difference in pronounciation between “tsu/zu” and “ja/za”. Because they are sounds that only exist in Japanese it was very difficult. Recording took a very long time due to that. 

Mino: Even if we were being careful there would still be mistakes to be found. 3 days after I finished recording all my rap parts there came a call saying that I had to go back for a rerecording. So I jumped into the car that would take me to the studio and entered the booth to do rerecording - of a single syllable. It was done in 10 seconds. There was a lot trivial alterations made like that.

Seunghoon: This time the lyrics we had written in Korean were translated into Japanese, it’s not only the lyrics that change but the flow of the lyrics change as well. So I think that even if it’s the same song, the Korean version has a very different feel to it compared to the Japanese version and vice versa.

—-Of course I think that you like all the songs that are included in your album. But I would all like you to pick one song each that you recommend and tell us why you picked that song. 

Seungyoon: Our title track “GO UP”. It was a song that was created during the pressure right before our final battle, so it’s a song that we hold very dear. The lyrics “We will definitely be alright, so let’s not worry and just enjoy ourselves” was like a message to ourselves.

—- At first you had another song in mind for the final battle, but then you had to redo it from scratch and that’s how this song was born right? It must have been difficult. 

Seungyoon: Actually it wasn’t that difficult at all. In a sense I was very glad that we had to redo it.

Taehyun: My favorite song is “DON’T FLIRT”. It’s a very enjoyable song, and the lyrics are funny as well. It would be nice if you could sing it at karaoke while eating yummy food. 

Jinwoo: I like Taehyun’s solo song “CONFESSION”. If you were to confess to a girl using this song , that girl would feel very flattered I’m sure. The lyrics are beautiful. 

Mino: I recommend my solo “I’M HIM” that’s featured as a bonus track. Our album has a lot of tracks that are very emotional, but in this song I rap, in Korean, and I think you will feel the contrast between this song and the other songs recorded on this album. This song is very hip hop. I’m a bit sad that I’m not able to convey you the message of the song in Japanese but I would really like you all to feel the emotions in my voice and groove to the beat. I think this song would be a suitable song to listen to if you’re working out for example.

Seunghoon: For me it’s Empty. When I heard it for the first time I immediately wanted to listen to it again after it was over. Compared to the other members I listen a lot to songs that are mainstream. But I thought that if we were to sing this song then it would definitely become a song that would be loved for a long period of time.

—- During the show Big Bang’s Taeyang participated as your producer for one of the battles. Is there any advice that you have received from either the members of Big Bang or 2NE1 that left a big impression on you?

Seungyoon: Recently we held a YG Family Concert in Korea and during the break Daesung came up to us because he heard that we’re going to have a Zepp Tour in Japan. He told us that, of course it’s important to practice to be able to put up a good performance. But even more so it’s important to practice for the MC to be able to share some funny stories, to not bore the audience in between the songs. 

Seunghoon: To be honest I thought that G-Dragon or Taeyang weren’t that interested in us. But when we saw them they said that they had watched our teaser and gave us both good comments but also commented on points that we could improve. It made me happy.

Jinwoo: 2NE1’s Dara said that she gets reminded of her old self when she looks at us. She told us to be more confident and have more fun. So whenever I go through some difficult times I think of what she said. 

Mino: This is something Taeyang said during the recording for his PV “RINGA LINGA”. Actually we hadn’t slept for 24 hours when we came to the recording place, but Taeyang hadn’t slept for 3 whole days and still went on with the recording. So I asked him if it wasn’t tough to go 3 days without sleep. He only smiled at me and answered “why it should be tough when he is doing something that he loves”. At that moment he looked very cool. So whenever I’m having a hard time I think of that moment.

Taehyun: The members said it all already (lol). But my mom told me that if 51% support us then the remaining 49% probably don’t care about us at all. It’s important to not look at everything from just one angle, but you need to have an open mind and heart.

—- “WINNER 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014” will be kicking off the 11th of September. Tell us a bit about how you are feeling and what we should look out for. 

Seungyoon: I’m very happy that we are able to perform in Japan under the name WINNER. We finally got to debut after a long time of preparing, so I hope that this tour will become a tour that our Japanese fans can be pleased with. As it’s our first nation wide tour in Japan I’m sure that there are many things that we will realize that we are still lacking but if you come to see us we’ll make sure to show you the best side of us as possible. Our stage performances and sincere singing is a given but I also think how we interact and try to have fun together with our fans is WINNER’s ultimate charm. 

—- What’s the impression you have of your Japanese fans?

Seungyoon: That they are really listening and feeling our songs from the bottom of their hearts. When we are singing sad songs, the fans also look sad, but during our uptempo songs they are having fun with us. 

—- A lot of BIG BANG and 2NE1’s fans are very fashionable. Do you have anything that you’d like your fans to come wearing to your concerts, or any type of fashion that you like?

Seunghoon: I like to keep it simple. Not so heavy make up, I think it would look nice on our younger fans in the audience. If I get to decide the dress code should be white!

Mino: A plain white t-shirt with blue jeans and the hair should be put up in a ponytail.

Jinwoo: I’d be happy if there would be a lot of girls with long hair would come. Dressed in something cute like a blue polka dotted one piece dress. I’d like that.

Taehyun: I have a bit of an odd suggestion, wouldn’t it be funny if everyone came wearing cosplay? Like from Naruto or BLEACH.

Seungyoon: So if you’d wear something white (Seunghoon), a t-shirt and jeans (Mino), and your hair is long (Jinwoo), together with cosplay (Taehyun) and put WINNER’s t-shirt over that it would make me really happy. (lol) 

—- From your handshake events during WIN or the one you had in Japan was there anything that happened or that you fans did that you still remember?

Seunghoon: The guy who came dressed up as Taehyun. He was wearing the same clothes and had the same hairstyle as Taehyun.

Taehyun: During our handshake event in Japan there were a lot of fans who cried. I got really touched and felt like I had to work even harder.

Mino: I was really happy to see fans of different ages in Japan. Some even brought their children with them.

—- What do you want to do from here on in Japan? 

Seungyoon: Like Big Bang I would like to do a dome tour.

Taehyun: We’re still only starting out but I want to achieve things one by one in Japan. Appear on variety shows, acting, shoot commercials, you name it.

Jinwoo: I want to have a fan meeting at a big place like the dome! Might be a bit too big, but we’ll do our best!

Mino: Using this tour as a starting point, I want to have concerts in bigger venues in the future. 

Seunghoon: My two sisters are Johnny’s fans, so from a very young age I was watching shows with those guys, and at that time it felt like they were of a completely different world. But now I’ve finally debuted and we’re not of complete different worlds. I hope that I will be able to become an artist who’s picture people will carry in their wallets. (lol) 

—- You’re already gaining a lot of attention from overseas. Do you have anything that you’d like to achieve overseas? 

Seungyoon: I want our name to become known all over the world. I want people feel like they are winners while listening to our songs.

—- Any final words?

Seunghoon: We’ll do our best from now on, so please support us! 

Mino: We’re aiming high so please look forward to our future activities!

Jinwoo: We are going to do so many activities in Japan so that there will be articles about us in the newspaper every day! 

Taehyun: Thank you for being interested in us. We’ll do our best to become an even cooler WINNER from now on.

Seungyoon: Please support us, and we promise that our music will continue to stay the same. Thank you!

Translated by Liz & Isabella @ fy-winner!



"dbsk will now promote as 2"

"exo will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will promote as 4"

"snsd will now promote as 8"


[Update] Jessica is being forced out because she wants to do design and launch her brand at the same time as being a SNSD member. Also none of her members approve of her being in a relationship. But Taeyeon Dating a Bacon strip seems to have passed their credentials.

G-Dragon with Karl Lagerfeld

gdyb; forever appearing in each other’s music videos